However you can find things that pastors shouldn’t do, and temptations which we are able to fall into. I have been a pastor since 1981, and I’ve failed a lot of occasions, and have lots of flaws. I am so thankful the Lord was patient and forbearing with me personally. Here are a number of things the Lord educated me over the decades that pastors shouldn’t do.

Do not believe your church is Far Better than many others

Oh man, at the first days of our church, that I had been so dumb, so smug. I believed our church was nearer to being”a New Testament church” than every other church in the city. After a guy who had been jobless told me he had been considering moving to Texas to get work. I said,”Do you know whether there’s a New Testament church ?” 


He stated,”No, but I am convinced there are a few decent churches ” I said,”Well, it’d be better that you remain here and work in McDonald’s than just take a fantastic job someplace where you do not know whether there’s a New Testament church or never.” STUPID! Luckily the guy moved his family to Texas, where he acquired a fantastic job. Luckily, God afterwards gave me the chance to ask his forgiveness.

Another time that I met with a very godly old guy who’d helped me as a new convert. I asked him why he chose to move there. He stated,”I think God has called me to be a missionary for this church, since there are many unbelievers inside.” To which I answered,”The apostle Paul could not have regarded as a missionary into the church! He had been a missionary to the missing who weren’t in churches. (Obviously I thought that each and every individual in our church was a believer). I also later confessed to this guy how dumb I was.

Do not believe your church would be the finest in the city. At once I’d have thought we did not require any new churches to begin within our area becauseI mean, once you’re the very best, folks should just visit your church. I can not believe I thought that manner!

I am thankful our Father is really individual and long-suffering with me personally. He shifted my thinking radically through recent years. I recently told a warrior who’s planting a church in our region,”We want all of the gospel-preaching churches we could get here. There are hundreds and hundreds of unbelievers in the region who have to get saved. The majority of them will not be drawn to our church, but should they visit your church and listen to the great news and call on the Lord, that is superb. I am so glad you’re here.”

Which leads me to the next matter pastors shouldn’t do:

Do not be angry, pain or offended if someone leaves your church

We’ve had lots of individuals leave our church through the last few years and begin attending different churches, for a variety of reasons. I told one girl who said she felt so terrible about moving to a different church,”Hey! There’s only 1 church in city — Jesus’ church. I would like you to be someplace where you may flourish because of him. And you know that you’re welcome any time you want to see us.” I likely would not have stated that in my first years.

Do not get offended when Folks disagree with you or see matters otherwise

Not long ago, a guy in our church emailed me personally, disagreeing some things in a message I’d where Jesus spoke about the end times. At once I may have thought,”Hey, I am the warrior. Do not challenge me.” But no longer. 

The guy made some excellent points. I analyzed the passage and believed his points. Although I came to my first decisions, I thanked him to be such as the Bereans, who did not think Paul simply because he explained it went home and read their Bibles to their own. I also informed the guy he may be correct about his points.

Even a fantastic leader does not possess the maximum wisdom about how to direct his church. We are in need of other people to discuss their ideas and opinions. I am quite thankful I have consistently had fellow pastors and church members that weren’t reluctant to talk about their views with me.

When I had been leading our church, I frequently had what I thought were really great thoughts about things we ought to do. I am good at creating ideas. And often when I’d talk about them with my fellow warrior at the moment, Steve, he’d say . “Yes Mark, but have you ever wondered just how much that will cost us?” Or “That is a fantastic concept, but I do not think we’ve got the leaders immediately to take that on.” 

I’d often initially be somewhat frustrated, but Steve was generally perfect. I had plenty of ideas but frequently did not believe them through. God helped me to not be offended when Steve and many others disagreed with me.

We are in need of others who will fix us adjust us point out our flaws. David said,

Let a righteous man strike me it is a kindness; allow him rebuke meit is oil for my mind; allow my mind not refuse it…Psalm 141:5

Which leads me into another stage:

Do not Interpret debate as disloyalty

I’ve read this is only one of the flaws many talented leaders possess. They translate debate as disloyalty. I’ve buddies who underwent this. If they disagreed with the chief they had been beneath, he sidelined them. 1 leader told others he no longer trusted the guy who disagreed with him. That is terrible. If you’re a pastor, do not believe you always know what’s best. Do not take it personally. You do not have wisdom. We are in need of teams.

Proverbs 11:14

I am so thankful that God has brought this passage into my thoughts. Not that I constantly instantly responded to debate, however, God kept me by distributing it as disloyalty.

Do not be discouraged if your church does not rise as Fast as you think it ought to

From the 80’s (hopefully now it’s different), there was a massive emphasis on church development. If your church was not mushrooming you should have been doing something wrong. I fought for many years since our church was so tiny. Often people left since the market was poor in our field and they had different jobs. Gradually over the years that I recognized that God’s word tells us that people ought to target for a significant church. Paul never rebuked leaders to the slow development of their own churches.

And somebody else said something quite beneficial to me personally:”Faithfulness is much more important than victory ” God did not need me to pursue victory, however to be faithful as I would to take care of the people he gave us.

Do not tell people That Are struggling that perhaps They Ought to find another church

This one is really difficult for a few pastors. Someone comes in and disagrees with something that they said in a message, or maybe they’re fighting with a specific philosophy or accent of their church. Keep speaking with them! You do not need to agree with them. But do not tell them”Perhaps you have to visit a different church.” Should they come to the decision that’s 1 thing. However, our attitude should be that we love them and care for the man would like to see these go.

Do not manipulate people into committing financially

This ought to be evident by now, after we’ve had numerous TV and star pastors who stress their individuals to give. Paul never exploited individuals to give. He explained,

2 Corinthians 9:7

We should never stress or control the men and women in our churches to give or function or anything else. We ought to trust God to proceed on people we serve.

Do not do all your leaders say without questioning

However one of my flaws was that when the leaders informed us we ought to do something, I’d often do it without questioning. 1 convention a pioneer stated that they were changing the title of the”home teams” into”care teams ” I moved home and we changed the title of our little classes to care classes. When the leaders did this, they understand more than me, I suppose I must do it.

Luckily over time, we started to consider ourselves. There are several fantastic leaders at the church, and several excellent educators. Nobody has wisdom. What’s good for a single church isn’t always great for many churches. Obviously, we have to follow the clear commands of Scripture. However, Scripture does not tell us exactly what to call our little groups.

Scripture has many fundamentals, like to walk in purity. However, it does not state that a teenager shouldn’t ever go into a prom. Scripture says we ought to give liberally, but it does not say we have to always give 10 percent of our earnings.

We Have to read Scripture for ourselves, such as the Bereans.

Do not construct your church into a single person

A senior warrior may preach a great deal of time or the majority of the moment, but allow others chuckle. Let’s instruct courses. Make it your aim which if you were to suddenly expire the church could proceed without a hitch. Attempt to come up with a group of pastors. Everybody in the church has distinct presents. Encourage your visitors to utilize their gifts.

Do not act like you do not have any problems or struggles

Many pastors refrain from citing some flaws, sins, poor attitudes, or even temptations on your messages. Pastors aren’t in a category of their own, much above the usual people from the church. No! We’re right there together.

Evidently, pastors shouldn’t be involved in serious sins. But we should not give the impression we have it all together. Share how you fight at times to appreciate others. The way you’re impatient with your kids. The way you fought to think God would assist you. When pastors discuss their struggles and flaws it promotes the saints. Hey if that man gets diverted if he prays, there is hope for me also.

Do not be upset, annoyed or impatient with people That Are slow to alter

Do not expect people to shift immediately. Do not express disappointment at individuals when they neglect or sin. He was not annoyed at them since they had been such a wreck. Sure, he fixed them and cautioned them. However he did not call them a lot of losers.

1 Corinthians 1:8

He advised the Philippians:

Philippians 1:6

Do not worry or upset or impatient with saints that are weak. Do not expect people to shift immediately. Do not express disappointment at individuals when they neglect or sin.

Galatians 6:1

Finally, If You’re effective, if your church does grow and flourish, do not think you did something good

If something good has occurred it’s since Jesus constructed it.

For all that we’ve accomplished, you’ve done for us.

If we’ve accomplished whatever it’s because God did it. We all have, any presents, any achievement, it’s all from God.

Pastors, we’re to not consider ourselves as energetic leaders, but as servants. As Jesus stated,

Mark 10:42-45

Just how much more must pastors.